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Configuring a WAN Failover on Draytek is really simple.

Step 1.

After you login on router´s GUI, on main menu go to WAN/ General Setup and click on WAN2 Index (assuming WAN2 is your backup WAN).

Good wireless experience has many different aspects, including easy setup, client seamless roaming, and more.

VLANs are something that often intimidate technicians. In the past there was a great deal of configuration needed to achieve Network segmentation thru VLANs. Now it is easier as I will explain in this guide.

From version 1.1, Smart VPN iOS app supports connecting VPN on demand. It will trigger the iPhone or iPad to establish VPN when the user tries to access the listed domain or use a specific interface and SSID


DrayTek VPN provides a friendly user interface for VPN setup. It takes only a few steps to connect all the sites, and there's no need for changing firewall rules and routing policies.  If you want to allows VPN connection on specific period of times, this application note is for you.

The firmware of your DrayTek Vigor router can be upgraded by logging in to the web interface of your router. Once logged in, navigate to System Maintenance -> Firmware Upgrade. Browse to the firmware file stored on your computer and click "Upgrade".

The newest DrayTek family member is here, the Vigor 2927. You can take advantage of a stronger processor with better performance than previous versions. Physical  Lan port 6 is back in this version.

This table shows the feature set provided for both Standard Hosted ACS and Premium Hosted AC

Vigor Router supports Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP), which provides a method to send firmware file to the router without logging into the router's management page. It's a solution to firmware damage of the router.

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