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Optimize Connections with Intelligent Routing.  VigorACS 3 is  the core of the DrayTek SD-WAN solution. It’s the central software where Network Administrator can perform configuration, provisioning, and monitoring to the edge routers.


Why SD-Wan

Traditionally most business applications were running on the private servers in the HQ, and MPLS that routes all traffics to the center site made this model quite efficient.   However, with adopting more and more SaaS and private/public cloud applications, we need new technologies that can efficiently and dynamically route different traffics either to the center site or to the cloud directly.

SD-WAN is the solution to make the complex routing scheme simple and intuitive. Based on traditional load balancing and failover functions, SD-WAN further improves user experience by focusing on interface and application quality.


SD-WAN Orchestrator


Quality-Driven Dashboard

The quality of every WAN/VPN interface is measured by latency, loss, and jitter. Quality-driven dashboard helps Network Administrator to understand the reliability of the interfaces in one glance.


Every VoIP call is also monitored by MOS, latency, loss, and jitter. With a call history list, Network Administrator can easily retrieve information for calls with poor quality.


Application Visibility and SD-WAN Policy

The application visibility lets Network Administrator understand the data usage. From every single clients, via which WAN, to which application, at what time.

Based on the application visibility, Network Administrator can create SD-WAN policies to send business-critical applications through the best-quality interface to optimize the user experience.

Web Live Demo

SD-Wan is part of the ACSv3.

Click Here to access the Web Live Demo

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