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WCF License

1-Year Web Content Classification Service

DrayTek WCF License

Dynamic Classification

Cyren's GlobalView Web Filtering service allows network administrators to control the LAN client's access to certain types of websites without specifying every URLs. The categorization will be based on Cyren's database which holds more than 140,000,000 frequently-updated URLs with global-wide coverage.

Covering 64 Categories

GlobalView Web Content Filter provides 64 categories covering child protection, leisure, business, chatting, and computer-Internet, provide application such as parental control, regulatory compliance, employee productivity increase, bandwidth management, and more.

Improving Network Security

There are 8 security-related categories including spam sites, phishing, malware, and bots. These would help automatically filter out the web threats that you might not even be aware of.


Contact your reseller to get a WCF License Key:

DRAY-WCF-Silver   for  Enterprise models family: 2952, 2962, 3910

DRAY-WCF-A   for    Dual-Wan models family: 2926, 2927

DRAY-WCF-B   for   Single Wan SOHO models family: 2133, 2135

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