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The Solution When Public IP Cost Too Much


DrayTek VPN Matcher is a cloud service included in selected DrayTek VPN routers. It acts as an agent between VPN peers, helps them exchange the network information required for establishing the VPN, such as their Internet IP address and the allocated port number, so that VPN traffic can traverse the NAT and be sent directly to the peer. DrayTek VPN Matcher is the solution for business with the need for VPN connections in where getting a public IP address is not possible.


How to Start?

  1. Create an account at DrayTek VPN Matcher Service.
  2. Register your DrayTek routers to the VPN Matcher server.
  3. Input VPN Matcher Server info on your DrayTek routers or Smart VPN Client.
  4. Establish a VPN tunnel to your router's LAN.


Visit here for detailed instructions

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