DrayTek Routers Simplify Complex Networks

What if we told you configuring your DrayTek router could be as simple as a child's paint-by-numbers?

There are so many complex elements involved in configuring today's networks for seamless performance; Site-to-Site IPSec VPNs, 802.1Q tagged VLANs and inter-VLAN routing, QoS for prioritization of time-sensitive VoIP traffic and so on. Even if one single setting is incorrect, it could severely affect your network performance or even worse, cause a complete network disruption.

For network professionals, Draytek provides the capability of completely customizing all these settings to suit their enterprise requirements. Draytek routers come with all the bells and whistles to satisfy the most discerning network professional. But to most users, the huge array of options can be a little intimidating.

You can configure your network exactly the way you want with a few simple settings and you don't have to be at the mercy of an expensive technician for any subsequent changes or troubleshooting.

Central VPN Management (CVM)

VPN Management can be a time-consuming task for multiple VPN routers since there are a lot of parameters to be synchronized and security associations to be built. Incorrect settings or invalid parameters prevent the VPN from establishing correctly. Tracing through the settings and logs can be very frustrating.Central VPN Management (CVM) on select Vigor models makes it simple to manage VPN connections. Site-to-Site VPNs can be setup with just one click! It can be used to backup or restore configuration and upgrade firmware on remote routers (CPE) as well.


Intelligent VoIP QOS

Are you experiencing choppy audio quality in spite of having a state-of-the art PBX system or VoIP provider? The problem could be the lack of Quality of Service settings in your router. VoIP being a time-sensitive application needs to be given priority over non-time sensitive applications that may be hogging your bandwidth. But setting up VoIP QOS with the right SIP port, RTP port range for the media stream, DiffServ code-point, CoS values etc can feel complicated to first time users. For users who prefer not to setup QoS manually, Draytek has the convenient Intelligent VoIP QoS feature that can be enabled with a single click!

Based on the SIP port, the VoIP QoS is able to detect SIP traffic as well as the RTP audio traffic following it. It then automatically allocates bandwidth for VoIP calls, so that VoIP traffic always receives first priority over other traffic.

What's more, this setting is enabled by default with the common SIP port 5060. So, unless you have a different SIP port, you don't have to change a thing for flawless audio quality for VoIP calls.

Central AP Management (APM)

Would you like to extend your wireless coverage across a large office or campus with multiple Access Points without the hassle of configuring each of them manually? Embedded AP Management (APM) on select Draytek router models makes configuration and maintenance of multiple Draytek Access Points a piece of cake!

As soon as a new AP is plugged in, the central APM router can assign it a DHCP IP address and provision it by pushing the SSIDs, VLANs, Security, Station Control and other WLAN settings to it. This ensures Plug-and-Play AP installation.

Configuration Backup and Restore, Firmware Upgrade and Remote Reboot can be setup either manually or as per schedules.

Features such as AP Traffic Graphs, AP Load Balance/Sharing, AP Roaming give you an Enterprise Wireless Solution that is extremely simple to configure.

Don't let complex technology and intricate configuration settings keep you from achieving the network performance you deserve.

Take advantage of the many conveniences that Draytek provides to make your job simple!