DrayTek for the MSP and Multi-Site Implementations

There are complex technical and administrative challenges when deploying and maintaining dozens (or even hundreds) of routers in the field. In addition, complex licensing requirements for the kinds of routers used in these kinds of implementations are often more important than the feature set available on the deployed equipment. DrayTek routers and access points solve these important issues at price points that are hundreds of dollars less than their competitors.

With NO Feature Licensing and NO User Licensing, deploying and maintaining a network built on DrayTek routers and access points could not be simpler. Every feature is always available for every session on every router without any additional or annual licenses.

The VigorACS SI centralized management system, enables System Integrators and MSP Network Administrators manage hundreds of DrayTek devices remotely, minimizing support calls and expensive truck rolls. It provides a visualized interface from which firmware can maintained, configurations can be backed up, changed or restored in either unit or batch mode, VPN’s can be set up and general device status can be monitored.


Multi-node deployments of 500 locations (Pizza Hut), 3,500 locations (McDonalds) and other similar size networks are all using DrayTek routers and access points. DrayTek routers are one of the preferred CPE routers for Vodaphone in the Netherlands, Australia and throughout Europe.